Cult Black Comedy DER BUNKER Coming to DVD/Blu-ray & Vimeo


During its festival run, critics have described Der Bunker as “Flat out fantastic!” (Ain’t It Cool News), “flawless from start to finish.” (, “has midnight cult title written all over it.” (Hollywood Reporter), “A pitch black comedy.” (TwitchFilm), “Twisted and trashy…A dark fairy tale of sorts with everything from darkly throbbing Lynchian undercurrents, outré touches of scifi and more than a soupçon of camp a la John Waters” (Entertainment Today) and “Der Bunker is as strange as a David Cronenberg film and as fun as a Terry Gilliam movie.” – popculturebeast


The Der Bunker will be released on DVD and Blu-ray (and 90-day exclusive streaming on Vimeo) August 23, 2016, and on most major VOD outlets beginning in December 6.

Street date: August 23, 2016
• DVD           UPC: 851597006049 – DVD: $17.99
• BLU-RAY    UPC: 851597006322 – BLU: $22.99
• Director:    Nikias Chryssos
• Starring:    Pit Bukowski, Daniel Fripan, Oona von Maydell, David Scheller
• Country:    Germany
• Lanuage:   German with English subtitles
• Year:         2015
• Run time:  85 Minutes (feature)
• Sound:      5.1 Dolby Digital
• Festivals:  Fantastic Fest, Edinburgh Dead By Dawn Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, Cinedelphia Film               Festival, Amsterdam Imagine Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Los Angeles Beyond Film Festival 
• Bonus features: Deleted Scenes (20′), Outtakes (13′), Audio Commentary

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