Prize Pack & Advance Screenings Passes to “Blair Witch” in Miami!


Horror fans in South Florida… we have a special treat for you! 

Courtesy of Lionsgate Entertainment and their new horror film, BLAIR WITCH, we have a Special Giveaway! One lucky commenter will receive a prize pack of movie goodies, including t-shirts, movie posters, pin and advance screening passes for two to a screening in Miami Tuesday, September 13th at AMC Aventura! That’s right, you get to see the most terrifying horror movie out there a few days early, and an awesome prize pack!

Entry Rules: Comment on the post and tell us why you would like to win this awesome prize pack, and what scares you most about Blair Witch! Please include your email address so that we can contact the winner!

From the comments, we will select our favorite post! #BlairWitch

*Contest runs through Monday, September 12th*


In case you don’t win the prize pack, click the link below for a chance to win passes to attend an advance screening of BLAIR WITCH in Miami. First come, first serve. Enjoy!

And don’t be afraid to check out the trailer…

A group of college students venture into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to uncover the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Tommy’s sister, Heather. At first the group is hopeful, especially when a pair of locals offer to act as guides through the dark and winding woods, but as the endless night wears on, the group is visited by a menacing presence, and one-by-one, they begin to disappear. Slowly, they begin to realize the legend is all too real and more sinister than the footage revealed 20 years ago. The Blair Witch has come to claim her next victims.


Starring: James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Valorie Curry, Corbin Reid, Wes Robinson

Directed by: Adam Wingard
Written by: Simon Barrett

In theaters September 16th

Official Site:
Snapchat: BlairWitchMovie
Hashtag: #BlairWitch

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4 thoughts on “Prize Pack & Advance Screenings Passes to “Blair Witch” in Miami!

  1. The Blair Witch project is the first movie I saw with the woman who would become my wife 🙂 I have been a huge fan ever since. Winning this prize pack would just add to our many good memories. I think Blair Witch is scary because it builds an atmosphere of dread that touches upon our inherent fear of the unknown in nature…in the dark…and all alone.

  2. I remember the terror our family felt watching the original Blair Witch in the 90s, and that was watching a VHS tape rental from blockbuster, talk about scary times. ? We loved it so much, the new experiences, the creepy sounds in the woods, the great scares that the Blair Witch brings. The prize pack adds to the fun and excitement as get ready to get LOST again in the WOODS ? It brings our friends and family even closer, and it makes for a great scary/ fun time. Blair Witch is scary because it seems it could happen, it is based on some truth, and any witch that feeds off your inner fears/ can manipulate the woods so there is no way out makes it GAME OVER! Never tick off an angry witch by saying “it is just a story”, that’s just some good advice. And make sure your flashlight doesn’t run out of power!!! Don’t suggest we “split up” (you know who you are). Or ever say hello? whose’s there? And we all might just make it out of the woods this time . We got this ?

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