On select nights from September 16th through October 31st, 2016, the streets of Universal Studios Florida® theme park come alive with hordes of horrifying mutants, monsters and maniacs. Nobody creates a more nightmarish Halloween event filled with truly original scares and authentic horror movie moments. You can explore terrifying haunted houses, make your way through multiple scare zones where creatures lurk around every turn, enjoy outrageous live shows, and experience many of the park’s most exciting rides and attractions.

Here’s a look at some of the haunted houses that you will find at HHN 26

American Horror Story at HHN LR

The twisted tales of American Horror Story will become your nightmare. This all-new house will feature Season 1: Murder House, Season 4: Freak Show and Season 5: Hotel.


The iconic horror film sequel continues the story of masked killer, Michael Myers, as he stalks an entire town and relentlessly pursues his victims. Now, his focus turns to guests as Universal joins forces with Compass International Pictures to bring the haunting film’s most suspenseful and terrifying moments to life at Halloween Horror Nights.


The Exorcist Comes to Halloween Horror Nights 26 for the first time ever.


Saws and screams are coming to Halloween Horror Nights 26 with the return of Leatherface and “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.” Halloween Horror Nights®, the nation’s premier Halloween event, puts you right into some of the most pulse-pounding moments in horror history.


The bloodthirsty hordes of AMC’s The Walking Dead return to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights in a whole new way. For this year’s maze, we’re taking fan favorite moments and iconic Walkers from all six seasons and packing them into one terrifying maze.

The Walking Dead mazes we’ve created these past four years had guests screaming with terror as they found themselves in the most iconic horrifying scenes from the show.

This year, you’ll struggle to escape from Hershel’s barn, get reacquainted with the Governor’s macabre Walker collection, race through Terminus and end up in the sewers of Alexandria. We’re pulling all of the creepiest environments from our past mazes—like the horde of Walkers in the forest during a lighting storm, which always had guests running and screaming!

Lastly, we tackle this past season, which upped the ante for all survivors. You’ll enter Alexandria from the nasty sewers and find yourself in the middle of the chaotic battle against the ferocious Wolves. And… don’t be surprised if the sounds of whistling Saviors follow you into the night.


Horror comes home for the holidays in Universal Studios’ all-new Halloween Horror Nights 26 house based on Legendary pictures’ hit film, Krampus.

Also are three original houses Tomb of Ancients, Ghost Town, &…


If that’s not enough…

There will be 5 scare zonesSurvive or DieBanshee’s LairDead Man’s WharfVamp 1955, and A Chance In Hell!

2 showsAcademy of Villains: House of Fear, and the classic Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure

New this year is an immersive paranormal Virtual Reality Experience, and Scareactor Dining Experience!

And don’t forget the highly recommended R.I.P. & Unmasking the Horror Tours!

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