“Starfucker” Coming to 60 Seconds to Die


Starfucker is a segment of 60 Seconds to Die, a horror movie made up of sketches produced by Tony Newton & Kerry Newton, Dan Brownlie, Richard Charles Stevens and Emilie Flory.

SUBJECT: A pop star with stunning sex appeal is the prey of a secret admirer who’s stalking her.

GENRE: Horror / Giallo RATING: R

STORY: An up and coming pop star who has just finished a gig and gets ready to meet her lover is about to take a bath while a killer peeping tom looks on… But the prey is not always who we think she is: Because the provocative Valtesse harbors a deep, dark secret.


Starfucker is inspired by “giallo films” produced in the 80s.
Brian De Palma’s Dressed to Kill and Lucio Fulci’s New York Ripper are the movie’s two references:
New York Ripper by virtue of its subject, its glazed esthetics, but also the brutality of its murder scenes and Dressed To Kill because of its visual and audio atmosphere, at once very fantastical et conceptual.

The original idea is based on the construction of Valtesse’s character, the darling daughter of a famous opera singer murdered by a paranoid psychopath:
Valtesse, an orphan who’s become a rising pop star, didn’t have a protected childhood. She made her way up the social ladder through her hard work and the support of a music producer who fell under her spell. The man, an enigmatic tyrant, turns her into an idol then dies under mysterious circumstances, after donating a tidy sum to his protégée. Free and provocative, Valtesse makes the most of it: She indulges her every whim whether it be professional or private. Even though her arrogance and lifestyle trigger serious hostile feelings toward her, the star particularly enjoys being on the front page of tabloids. Radical in her artistic expression and her choice of boyfriends, Valtesse is convinced she will always get away with it because nothing scares her not even the stalker who threatens to kill her if she doesn’t give into him one last time.

The Stalker haunts Valtesse’s every day and night. In the tradition of the sick, perverted killers that fill “giallo films”, he spreads a feeling of unease and mystery.
Who is he in reality? Nobody knows. Valtesse seem to have hurt him, yet she attracts him… Is he a simple intrusive admirer? A spurned ex-lover? A jealous staff member? A disguised rival who wants to destroy the singer?… And what if it were the tyrannical producer Valtesse thought she had gotten rid of? If the stalker were none other her mentor, who’s come back miraculously from the dead to seek revenge and torture her?


Starfucker is an official Selection at the Shriekfest Film Festival 2016.

The screening of Starfucker will be at 2PM ON SAT OCT 8TH at the Raleigh Studio
Raleigh’s address: 5300 Melrose Ave Hollywood, CA


They star in Starfucker: Ludovic Berthillot (Banlieue 13, À l’intérieur, 2 Days in Paris, Le roi de l’évasion…)
& Constance Pizon (Can Skillz, The Borderland, Scylla…)

These unique talents graced Starfucker:

Reynald Bertrand, editor (OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d’espions, OSS 117: Rio

ne répond plus, Hard, Le dernier loup …)

  Eric Lesachet, sound mixer (Quand la mer monte…, The Secret Populaire, Sur la route…)
-YellowCab Studios-

  Renaud Barbier, composer & conductor (Le serpent, Le tueur de Montmartre, Vauban, la sueur épargne le sang, Le dernier diamant…)

Tariel Méliava, cinematographer (13 Tzameti, L’héritage, Money …)

Olivier Garcia, digital imaging technician & video engineer (Deux frères Disco, Si tu meurs, je te tue, Le courage d’aimer …)


And Starfucker was also lucky enough to have an experienced technical and artistic crew (credits page 6)


Written and directed by Emilie Flory (Processus 5, Trauma Dolls), Starfucker is produced by Icone Label pictures & Grueheads Films.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.me/emilieflory
PROCESS 5: http://youtu.be/2MegMX94Rqk
TRAUMA DOLLS TRAILER: http://youtu.be/5fbC1ujg-8U


Starfucker is currently in development as a feature film thanks to screenwriter and associate producer Richard Charles Stevens (Bound X Blood, 60 Seconds to Die).
www.riversofgrue.com -Grueheads Films-

Starfucker IMDB Page : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5420648/?ref_=nm_flmg_wr_2


60 Seconds to Die is a Short Horror Film Anthology featuring 60 short horror films from established and upcoming indie filmmakers from across the globe!

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