Halloween II: 35th Anniversary Screening


O Cinema & Popcorn Frights are proud to present the 35th anniversary screening of HALLOWEEN II!

MICHAEL MYERS IS BACK!!! AND HE IS FILLED WITH RAGE!!! After a climactic battle with Dr. Loomis/Donald Pleasance (“I shot him SIX TIMES!!”), Michael terrorizes a hospital where Laurie Strode/Jamie Lee Curtis is recovering. But this time, the suggestive horror of HALLOWEEN is swapped out for the chaotic destruction of FRIDAY THE 13TH, as Michael Myers becomes a ferocious rage-beast who is out to destroy!!! Hammers-to-heads!!! Syringes-to-eyes!!! Boiling-water-to-faces!!! Combining the small-town paranoia of THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN with the uneasy darkness of THE TOOLBOX MURDERS, HALLOWEEN II is a masterful, beautifully made early-80s slasher that thrives on tension and shocks.

Giveaways from Scream Factory & Funko!

Event details:

Location: O Cinema Wynwood

90 NW 29th St, Miami, Florida


Friday October 14th


Get your tickets at: 


Popcorn Frights will be following that up with…


On Friday November 4th!

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