Walker Stalker Cruise: New Guests Added!


Lead Savior, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), and Survivor, Alanna Masterson (Tara), officially join the Walker Stalker Cruise for 2017, rounding out the star-studded Celebrity Guest list!

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The new season of The Walking Dead premieres on October 23rd, and we’ll FINALLY find out which survivor gets Lucille’d. We’re anticipating gasps, screams, nail biting, and maybe even a few tears from fans across the globe.

As you watch Negan dominate the season premiere, film a short reaction video and post it in the Official Facebook Group or to your personal Facebook page with #WSCruise. Make sure your post is public! The last day to submit your entry is Friday, October 28th. After that, a panel of judges at SXM HQ will select the 3 wildest reactions to be voted on by cruisers in the Walker Stalker Cruisers Facebook group. One lucky winner will get their photo taken, for FREE, with Mr. Jeffrey Dean Morgan on board the Walker Stalker Cruise! OFFICIAL RULES

*Contest is only open to guests booked on the cruise.

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