One Night of Fear Coming Soon!


One Night Of Fear will debut on Amazon Prime and Amazon Video Sunday Nov 30th 2016!


Plot Outline:
The story is inspired by true stories from The Ocala National Forest of how multiple Campers, Hikers and thelike have gone missing over the years without a trace. Our hikers, Rob (Dempster) his girlfriend Kate (Sonneborn) and best friends Jaclyn (Lorraine) ,Pete and Brittany are out for a weekend in the woods. After Jaclyn witnesses her boyfriend Pete getting killed the group takes refuge inside a home inside the state park. There they must survive one night as they are stalked by an unknown killer.


The Cast:
The film stars Jimmy Dempster (Devious Maids,Swamp Murders,The Last One) Jessica Sonneborn (The Haunting Of Alice D,Dog Eat Dog,Bloody Bloody Bible Camp) Suzi Lorraine (Bleeding Hearts, Busty Cops,The Streets Run Red) and Jason Sutton (Finding Eden,The Breaking Point)

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