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Black Fawn Distribution And Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival Unbox New Trailer For BLOODY BITS – SHORTS COMPILATION

“From comedic horror to macabre action to edge of your seat thrillers, this collection has it all.” – Mark L. Miller, Ain’t It Cool New

“It seems to me that lately all the best short films have been coming out of Canada.”– Horror Talk

Black Fawn Distribution, in association with The Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival, has released the brand new short horror film compilation entitled Bloody Bits – Shorts Compilation. The collection highlights seven of the film festival’s best short horror films and, in support of the DVD’s release, Black Fawn Distribution has posted a full length trailer for Bloody Bits.

The official trailer for Bloody Bits – Shorts Compilation can be viewed here:

Bloody Bits features short films from directors Christopher Giroux (Dead All Night), Darryl Shaw (Greater Than), Jay Clarke (Lively), Navin Ramaswaran (One More For The Road), Kat Threlkeld (Seiren), Greg Kovacs (Tasha And Friends) and Alex Hatz (Uncommon Enemies). The film is currently available for order exclusively through Black Fawn Distribution’s on-line store which can be viewed at the following link:

Festival and Distributor Quotes

“Everyone on the Blood In The Snow programming team really felt that there needed to be more opportunities for short films after they’ve completed their festival runs. Playing a festival should be the beginning, not the end for a short film and we felt that it was important to give short films of this quality the showcase that they deserve. This project couldn’t have been done without Black Fawn Distribution. No other company has its finger on the pulse of Canadian genre cinema like they do and they were completely on board with what we wanted to do with this unique release. We’re hoping that is this leads to an ongoing series of releases that will celebrate the filmmakers that Blood In The Snow helps to promote each and every year.”

– Kelly Michael Stewart, Festival Director, Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival

“As a supporter of horror films and the Canadian genre market, we’ve always felt a responsibility to give back and lend a helping hand to our peers. There are some truly talented people working on so many interesting projects throughout Canada and we felt that Black Fawn Distribution could be doing something more to pull these little pieces of terror out of the shadows and into the light. When we spoke with Kelly Michael Stewart and the Blood In The Snow team, it just made sense for us to start working together. Bloody Bits is a product of that co-operation and it’s our hope that horror fans will appreciate the spirit of this release.”

– C.F. Benner, Sales Manager, Black Fawn Distribution

About The Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival

The Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival is a unique and imaginative showcase of contemporary Canadian horror, genre and underground cinema. The festival exists to challenge social boundaries, explore artistic taboos and support independent Canadian genre media artists. The festival’s mandate is to support, promote and exhibit Canadian horror, genre and underground film productions at their annual film festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The festival brings together a strong concentration of audiences, community partnerships and members of the media arts and filmmaking industries to celebrate Canadian genre cinema.



About Black Fawn Distribution

Black Fawn Distribution continues to be responsible for the physical release of quality horror films across Canada including Bite, Horsehead, Discopath and In the House of Flies. The company’s promotional team is driven by a passion to release physical product for the enjoyment of both horror fans and film collectors alike. The company will release its newest title, Bead Of The Dead, later this year in partnership with United Front Entertainment.





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