“Getting Schooled” Coming Soon from Brain Damage Films

‘Getting Schooled’ Available on VOD:
February 7th, 2017

2017 | English | Horror/Comedy| 75 minutes

In 1983, a group of high school students stuck in a day of detention, must run for their lives, when a teacher in a wheel chair turns out to be an ex black-ops soldier having a murderous flashback. The wily pack of misfits fight to the death as they are trapped inside the school with the torturous psycho.

Available on Amazon MOD February 7th, 2017.

Live on most major VOD Platforms February 7th, 2017

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About Midnight Releasing:

Since 2001 Brain Damage Films has been one of the largest and most respected independent horror film distributors worldwide. Our catalog of hundreds of horror and shock movies ranges from reality/shock classics like Traces of Death to newer, high quality independent features.

Brain Damage Films has fans around the world who know and appreciate our films. We’ve got a name for them: Gorehounds. Do you have a lust for graphic, bloody depictions of death or violence? How about the “three B’s” (Beasts, Blood, and Boobs)? Maybe you’re a connoisseur of shot-on-video, low-budget horror… Or an earnest filmmaker working your way up to direct the next Saw or Friday the 13th?

If any of these descriptions sound familiar, you might be a Gorehound!
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