Some men like to feel in control.
Some men haven’t met Sloan Vicious.

Based on Starfucker*, a segment of the horror anthology 60 Seconds to Die, Ravish is a modern Giallo that will draw you straight into a seductive deep dark world that will not leave you unscathed.

*Official Selection at the HollyShorts and the Shriekfest 2016

The original idea is based on the true story of Sloan Vicious (who appeared for the first time on the big screen in Starfucker). Sloan Vicious is the darling daughter of a famous opera singer murdered by a paranoid psychopath. She made her way up the social ladder through her hard work and the support of a music producer who fell under her spell. The man, an enigmatic tyrant, turned her into an idol then died under mysterious circumstances.

Stalked by an obsessed fan, a provocative pop star plunges back into the traumas of her past to free herself unaware that they’ve already driven her crazy.

Ravish is currently in development in association with Vestra Pictures. Tony Newton, Kerry Newton, Richard Charles Stevens and Emilie Flory, the creators of the project, are looking for producers, investors, contributors but also supporters and talents (production staff, shooting crew, art department etc.) to help them to produce the movie.

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