Illicitus Theatre comes to Las Vegas

A new kind of Immersive Theatre makes its way into the Las Vegas Scene

Coming to Las Vegas in the Summer of 2017 is a brand-new attraction which will take your breath away. Illicitus Theatre is a year round immersive theatre which combines elements of Horror, Science Fiction, Drama, Haunted Houses, Escape Rooms, & Theatrical Plays to form a 2-hour immersive world where you are the star. Explore, Interact, and Survive a new kind of attraction never seen before in Las Vegas. Every show is located in a new place, with new sets and storylines designed to take you out of the reality you know, and into the moment. The opportunity to truly live an adventure is coming to the Las Vegas scene.

“We are thrilled to bring Illicitus Theatre to Las Vegas. We believe that Las Vegas is the perfect place to bring this kind of immersive attraction. It will have multiple different shows & events all year, in different locations, so that the attraction itself is always changing, and always incorporating the fabulous city of Las Vegas in all aspects. We use Hollywood style stunts, effects, and costuming with the elements of a theatrical play to give you a one of a kind interactive experience.” John Dobrenick – Head Director of Illicitus Theatre.

Illicitus Theatre is unlike anything ever imagined.

“This will be a unique experience unlike anything ever conceived before in the theatre world or in Haunted attractions” says Executive Producer Ace Jordan. “We have some terrifying & never before seen ideas in store. Expect the Unexpected. You will most certainly LIVE the part.”

Illicitus Theatre opens Summer of 2017 in Las Vegas. Assume the role. Live the Part.

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