‘Sledgehammer’ Coming to VOD!

‘Sledgehammer’ Available on all major VOD:
March 7th, 2017

2017 | English | Horror/Thriller| 89 minutes

In a corrupt city full of hipsters, roller-derby-cheerleaders, voodoo gangs, and evil masterminds, there lives a nobody named Yolner. As a boy, Yolner often had fantasies of grand Nordic adventures. As a man, he has a lot of problems with his job, his girlfriend, and his car. One day, everything unravels and Yolner descends into a mythology fueled madness. His girlfriend left him, his car broke down, and his co-workers put drugs in the coffee. But a bad day for Yolner turns out to be a worse day for a city that doesn’t know what hit it. Armed with a sledgehammer, battling his way through violent gangs, BMX bikers, and crazed cheerleaders and more, Yolner follows his visions wherever they lead, even if that means going nowhere.

DVD Available on Amazon MOD
March 7th, 2017.

Available on: Amazon, Vimeo, Flix Fling, and Vudu!

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