Popcorn Frights Presents – The Void: Florida Premiere

“A dark, demented, and disgusting horror film that’s going to live among the greatest body horror films of all time.”

“The Void marks a new, more serious direction for Canadian genre filmmaking collective Astron-6.”

 Popcorn Frights and O Cinema proudly present the Florida Premiere of THE VOID!

South Florida, are you ready for a terror fueled treat? THE VOID is sure to please old-school horror fans, as it was clearly influenced by such classics as THE THING, HELLRAISER, HALLOWEEN II, and PHANTASM. THE VOID also delivers some of the most impressive horror practical effects we have seen in quite some time.

– Post Screening Skype Q&A with filmmakers Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski

Mostly set in a rural hospital, a handful of patients and personnel must figure out a way to survive the hell unleashed upon them. THE VOID is filled with surprises, so the less you know about it going in, the better. Be part of the very first audience in Florida to see this on the big screen.

Screening Details:

Friday, March 31st at 11:30pm

O Cinema Wynwood

90 NW 29th Street

Miami, Florida

For tickets and more information, please visit: 


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