Psychological Thriller Short Film “Breaking Vera”

Concept Media Film is proud to announce the trailer for the new psychological thriller short film, Breaking Vera, written/directed/produced by Brittany Blanton and starring Hauke Bahr and Nikki Fiorette.

About the Movie: Breaking Vera is centered around Vera (Nikki Fiorette), a young women who appears to have a complex relationship with Matt (Hauke Bahr). Vera goes through many emotions trying to keep a firm grasp on her real emotions and feelings.

Breaking Vera is a psychological thriller that shows the fragility of the human mind. The idea for Breaking Vera came from a personal place for writer/director Brittany Blanton. A lot of the emotions Vera portrays are feelings she has had in the past. Although the film depicts a kidnapping Stockholm syndrome style relationship, it also is a representation of an emotional, verbal, and mentally abusive relationship.

Something that many people have gone through and are still going through. We are looking to do a fall festival run.


Vera (Nikki Fiorette) – “Descending,” “Crystal,” “Halt”

Matt (Hauke Bahr) – “Kassel,” “Lucy’s Lullaby,” “Andersons Wake”

Writer/Director: Brittany Blanton – Model and actress Brittany Blanton is known for her work in such works as Don’t F*** in the Woods and It’s Your Fault, is switching gears to behind the camera to tell a story that is close to her. She wanted to use personal negative experiences and turn it into something positive that will also help spread awareness of those type of abusive situations that aren’t always talked about.

Concept Media Films: Concept Media Films has been making indie films since 2011. With each film, we grow technically and mentally. Genre of films primarily involve suspense/thriller but really any subgenre of horror.



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