What was that crazy and bloody clip you just watched?

That was the first couple of minutes of “The Flytipper!

The Flytipper’ is a riotous and gory tale of three men who, after illegally fly-tipping, encounter a rabid monster made of rubbish who will stop at nothing to hunt them down and take their lives in the most absurd ways possible. Putting an adrenaline shot back into the ‘splatter’ genre, ‘The Flytipper’ will keep the audience guessing which body part will be lost next.

Starring: Jonathan Cobb, Reis Daniel, and Jon Campling

Directed and written by: Marc Coleman

Here’s a little about Marc and how he came up with the idea for “The Flytipper”…

“I’ve been making short films, mockumentaries and sketches for years. Last year I won an Empire award and now want to take it to the next level.

This film is a comedy horror monster movie that is a homage to the cult splatter films that I grew up with. I want to make the goriest, most ridiculous and entertaining short horror film you’ve ever seen, this side of Christmas. It is also a radical commentary on Fly-tipping as a hazard.”

Check out more from Marc in this video…

You’ve met the actors, the director/writer, and even seen the monster kill! How about checking out the designs for the star of the film

The monster is a hybrid of refuse and possessed rubbish, armed with numerous ways to kill its victims e.g. hoover arms to strangulate, a washing machine stomach to spin its victims to death and suction tubes to pull out eyes. Standing over 9ft tall, the monster is scary, absurd and built to kill.

Now it’s your chance to help bring this monster movie alive.

Please click here and support this short horror film!

There are plenty of terrific rewards available in return for your pledge to this campaign like…

Your name in the end of the credits of the film

-A PDF Monster Artwork Package

-An A4 package through your door containing signed artwork, production shots, a signed script and some sweet Flytipper postcards

-Become an Executive Producer of the film

Visit “The Flytipper” on Indiegogo for details including…

-More about the monster

Background on the actors

-All of the available rewards

And don’t forget to follow the film on Twitter, and “Like” its Facebook page!

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