FUMIGATION And THE PATH TO R’LYEH To Drop New Split ‘Invasion’

Like a Lovecraft-ian novel, death metal knows no bounds. It’s themes are often filled with outlandish creatures and horrors that challenge the everyday monotony of our existence. It’s through these musical and lyrical themes that we are afforded an opportunity to truly be free… to live among the creatures that dwell in our subconscious minds. Straight from the deepest, darkest recesses of the mind is born a partnership of musical aberration, crawling from the murk in the form of Canada’s FUMIGATION and THE PATH TO R’LYEH. This brutal two-some have joined forces on the CDN Records-released split cd, aptly-titled Invasion.

01. Arachnophobia
02. Forced Vaginal Harbourage
03. Earwigs & Earwax
04. A Beard Full of Maggots

05. Dream Eater
06. The Book Made of Human Skin
07. Extra-Terrestrial Abomination
08. Y’ha-ntlei’s Awakening

Artwork by Pzychopart
Layout by Yan Chatel

Track 1: Em Rodríguez (Green Lung Grinders)
Track 2: L-P Dugal (Ex-Fumigation / Accursed Creation)
Track 3: Tobin (Deamon / Deathrow Six)
Track 4: Corey Athos (Flesh Consumed)
All Music by Chris Humeniuk and Fumigation.
All Lyrics by Scott McConnery, L-P Dugal, Chris Humeniuk, Tobin, Jay Donelly
Drums tracked by Topon Das at “Apartment 2 Recording”

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Tom Hansen

All music by Alain Harrison Cloutier
All lyrics by Yan Chatel
Guitars, Bass, and Drum Programming by Alain Harrison Cloutier
Vocals by Yan Chatel

Invasion is set to release April 28th through CDN Records. Pre-orders can be made here.

Mat Desjardins: Drums
Jay Donnelly: Vox
Tom Hansen: Guitar
Chris Humeniuk: Bass
Matt MacIvor: Guitar

Exterminating since early 2008, FUMIGATION is a 5 piece death metal band from Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Today’s metal scene lacks bands with a constant theme, or at least an interesting one. Through this void enters FUMIGATION “Your Death Metal Pest Control Specialists”. The theme of insects, rodents and chemicals is entertaining, insightful, and humorous all at the same time. From phobias to infestations, harbourages to feeding habits, FUMIGATION will dissect the situation and select the best method of control. This method usually comes in the form of groove laden death metal.

Signed to CDN Records, FUMIGATION released their debut full length CD “Integrated Pest Management” in 2013. The band has been supporting large underground metal acts such as Vital Remains, Napalm Death, Malignancy, Revocation, Dehumanized, Incantation, etc. and have toured parts of Quebec & Ontario including participation in festivals. The band has also been featured on various Canadian and international compilations, Canadian and internet radio stations, blogs, mobile game apps, print magazines, and more.

Alain Cloutier: Guitar
Milann Vaidya: Drum
Yan Chatel: Vocal
Jonathan Lattimore Desabrais: Guitar

It is in the search of R’lyeh that the band took root. During this insane journey, no one could anticipate the meeting of the minds that now shapes THE PATH TO R’LYEH.

Having benefited for years from the lore of H.P. Lovecraft, it was felt that the metal scene was ready to contribute, once again, to the exceptional lore of this genius writer. THE PATH TO R’LYEH is not so much as a tribute as it is a willing contributor, aiming at adding to the world of Lovecraft as well as using its pillars to immerse the listener in a dark and mad place.

Quebec, Canada’s THE PATH TO R’LYEH devotes themselves passionately and with abandon to prepare brutal, opaque and grim tales that will transport you into a nightmarish yet fascinating world where the holy does not exist and the wicked comes from distant worlds.

Website: fumigationmetal.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fumigation-137024276331132/

Facebook: PathToRlyeh
Bandcamp: thepathtorlyeh.bandcamp.com/

CDN Records Website: www.cdnrecords.com

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