American Exorcism and Islamic Exorcist will Release in the Same Month

You may call it a co-incidence or merely a Fate, but this time, Horror fans are about to witness two Exorcism movie coming to scare you in the same month.Yes! the month of May. One is American Exorcism and another one would be Islamic Exorcist.

To start with American Exorcism, directed by Tripp Weathers, the film tells the story of Damon Richter who thought he left the world of possessions, exorcisms, and evil behind until an old friend arrives with frightening information about his estranged daughter knowing that only his otherworldly skills can save her.

The movie is about to release on VOD and Direct to Video on May 2nd.

Islamic Exorcist, directed by Faisal Saif, an International English Horror film talks about Shia Muslim and Sunni Muslims conflict of understanding where the lives of an Indian couple are devastated when their adopted daughter becomes possessed by a demonic force. The father shoots the daughter to death, However an investigative journalist doesn’t believe in their story and becomes determine to know the real truth by going much deeper in the couple’s scary past.

The movie is distributed by Cinema Epoch and arrives on May 26th on VOD and Direct to Video.

The posters and trailers of both films are being appreciated by Horror fans. To conclude, May month seems to be an overdose for Possession and Exorcism horrors where fans would looking forward to bring up the best ones from both the Exorcism movies.

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