Frolic Pictures Major Movie Prop/Memorabilia Fire Sale!

Everything must go! For the first time in its 7 year history, the Hollywood-based production company, Frolic Pictures, has listed all its remaining props and memorabilia from its twelve motion pictures, thus far. B-movie mogul Jared Masters is releasing a trove of rare and one-of-a-kind items from his personal collection.

Such items include:

Purple Ski Mask worn by Killer in After School Massacre

The Nightgown Worn by lead Grace Klich is the 2016 horror film Amethyst

Purse and Tanning Bed Glasses Prop from Slink Horror Movie

Custom Prop Sniper Rifle From the Film 8 Reels of Sewage

Vintage beautiful Marionette Puppet “Gabriella” from Ballet of Blood

Samurai Sword Prop from Ballet of Blood

Frolic Pictures Lobby Cards

Ballerina Leotards from Horror film Ballet of Blood!

This is your rare opportunity to own a piece of obscure cinema history! Don’t wait, place a bid on your favorite prop from your favorite Frolic Picture! Over a hundred auctions listed and more to come! The eBay store is MouthKissVideo. Follow to be notified of new upcoming auctions to be listed! Everything is priced to sell, to clear the warehouse and make room for the next dozen films to come.

Other items include rare celebrity autographs, VHS tapes from the director’s own library, signed posters, books, wigs, hats, clothes, vintage electronics, movie standees, magazines, paintings, vintage lingerie, filmmaking equipment, and more! Some items are from the late great Hollywood special effects make-up man, Billy Hendrickson, who died unexpectedly in 2013.

About Frolic Pictures:

Frolic Pictures is a full-service distribution and production company located in Hollywood, California. Founded in 2010 by award-winning writer/director Jared Masters. They specialize in independent feature film production, focusing on Horror, Cult and Grindhouse. They are known for paying homage to 1960s underground cinema, slashers of the 1980s, burlesque, carnival and retro themes. Their unpredictability keeps the motion picture industry on edge.

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