The Unknown Startup That’s Redefining Gaming

Lights Off. Headphones On. Survive.

Employing one of the most advanced computer vision systems ever built, Night Terrors: The Beginning sets out to redefine the way people think of mobile entertainment.

Question reality. Face your fears. Explore the paranormal. Night Terrors will attack every one of your senses in an effort to deliver the most heart-thumping experience ever seen on mobile devices and now includes a BRAND NEW room detection algorithm.

Night Terrors transforms your surroundings into a living, breathing horror movie. Now free for a limited time, we are proving consumers don’t need expensive hardware to have a truly immersive AR experience. Why wait for the future when you can experience it today?!

Our new breed of mobile augmented entertainment now includes a two-part room detection system which tracks player movements and tailors scares based on the individual steps and turns that are made. The second part of our system uses LED light detection in order to sense when you’re in a new environment. Our room detection algorithm is a unique feature that allows us to be a system unique to mobile technology.

Night Terrors is currently going viral across the world and charting in over 65 countries.

We’ve had over 100 million views across social media to date, reached #3 on iTunes Paid charts in the U.S., and has been the #1 Paid Entertainment app in 33 countries. We have switched to a free game because we simply want people to experience what we believe is an untapped future genre of gaming and so far, the reception has been over-whelming.

Room Detection Simulation –

Welcome to the future.

Download Night Terrors today HERE

2x Top 5 iTunes (US market)
2x #1 Paid Entertainment App (US market)
51MM+ Social media views
41MM iTunes Impressions
3.5MM views on Night Terrors YouTube Trailers
Top 200 in most major markets since launch
Featured by Apple for Halloween (Banner Feature)
Top 100 Overall App – 55 markets
Top 10 Overall App – 20 markets
Top 5 Entertainment App – 55 markets
#1 Entertainment App – 27 markets

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