Latest eBook from PROGENY Author Will Bleed You Dry

Patrick C. Greene, whose debut novel PROGENY was just optioned for motion picture development, unleashes his latest short horror fiction affliction 3:33 THE BLOODBIRD on the world.

Natalie and Lance celebrate their elopement with the blessing of Nat’s sister Tanya before heading off on their honeymoon, unsuspecting of the hideous bloodthirsty “present” Tanya has arranged for them.

Reviewers, regarding Greene’s GUARDIAN OF THE ORCHARD:

“I don’t want to give the ending away, but man, it’ll stay with you.”

“(Greene) has this way of giving the reader what they think they want, only to make you go oh no, wait, I didn’t want that AT ALL.”

“This is a fun short, darker than I expected in a good way.”


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