Opus Dei – A New Feature Length Neo-Noir Horror


Entering a remote rural town in 1960s Britain, emotionally fractured detective Mason Tucker hunts for answers behind the death of his wife Eileen, as her mysterious letter sends him down a path of danger and conspiracy. Challenging his morals, his beliefs and his sanity, Mason must uncover the darkness of the seemingly peaceful town and its inhabitants at any cost.

Opus Dei — an imaginative expansion upon the seed of the original acclaimed short film — will combine elements of classic British horror, the revenge-thriller genre and film-noir to create a unique and powerful experience to hit screens in 2018.

Suspiric Noir will utilise a nurtured in-house team for this ambitious independent production as well as both rising stars of the indie scene and veterans of the genre.

The project is crowd-funding now at tinyurl.com/opusdeiKickstarter

Writer/Director: George Nadjzien

Starring: Ben Caswell, Tom Driver, Harriet Rees, Giovanni Lombardo Radice

Cinematography: Klayton Dean

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