Get Ready for TEETH MARKS

Brace yourself for 12 twisted tales from America’s Deep South in TEETH MARKS, the third collection of horror fiction from Matthew Weber.

Psychotic Killers, Bloodthirsty Monsters and Ghastly Specters from Beyond the Grave!

Weber’s latest collection will grab you like a meat hook and keep you turning pages long after you’ve wet the bed. From back-country curses and maniacal next-door neighbors to alien invasions and shape-shifting beasts, TEETH MARKS delivers the most fun you’ll ever have reading about terrible things. Available now for Kindle download and soon in paperback from Pint Bottle Press.

Matthew Weber (A DARK & WINDING ROAD, SEVEN FEET UNDER) is editor of the DOUBLE BARREL HORROR anthology series and editor-in-chief of EXTREMER HOW-TO home improvement magazine. He is a happily married father of three children, and when he’s not writing, remodeling or chasing kids, he plays bass in the long-running punk band, SKEPTIC?.

For more information on the book, visit this Amazon link or the Pint Bottle Press website at

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