Trailer Debut: Micro-Budget Horror Comedy Anthology “The First Date”

Trailer Debut: Micro-budget Horror Comedy Anthology “The First Date” coming to VOD September 26th!

The debut feature film of Michael Buttino Jr. and Golden Groves, ‘The First Date,’ will be released on Amazon Video, Amazon Prime and Vimeo On Demand on September 26th.

The official synopsis reads: “Tired of the online dating world, a hopeful woman decides to give it one last try with a charming stranger who owns his own theater and has a collection of very strange short films.

Produced by Buttino and Groves as ‘The September Brothers’ in New York, the new 80-minute long feature film combines traditional horror, paranormal scares, science fiction, and plenty of b-movie humor.

“What ‘The First Date’ might lack in budget, it more than makes up for it in creativity, originality, and the filmmakers’ genuine love for the horror genre. It’s scary, funny and frankly, a bit weird (in the best way possible). We think viewers will enjoy The September Brothers’ quirky and relatable style and point of view.” Says Armand Petri, Head of Operations and Marketing for distributor Reel Nightmare Films.

‘The First Date’ will be released on Amazon Prime (US/UK/DE) on September 26th, and it will be released on DVD on Amazon (US) right before Halloween. ‘The First Date’ is now available worldwide for pre-order on Vimeo On Demand here:

Vimeo On Demand Pre-Order Link

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