First Animated Horror Series About Filipino Folklore Airing on MYX TV

Myx TV, the Asian American entertainment network, is kicking off October by airing “Umbra,” a first-of-its-kind animated horror series chronicling Filipino folklore. The 13-episode series premiered Wednesday, October 11, and new back-to-back episodes of “Umbra” will air every Wednesday at 8/7c on Myx TV. Patterned after programs like “Twilight Zone” and “Monsters,” this hair-raising animated show features different creatures from Filipino mythology and explores the horrific side of the country’s supernatural lore and modern urban legends, or “sabi-sabi.”

“’Umbra’ is different from the usual Halloween frights, spotlighting spooky Filipino folklore that has been carried on for generations,” said Miguel Santos, general manager of Myx TV. “The Philippines and Asia are rich with stories like these that deserve to be shared with American audiences.”

The eerie series retells age-old myths of encounters with the supernatural, like the story of the White Lady from Mindoro known as “Lugay,” who is said to creep around cemeteries, leaving with her victims’; the “Mangangatok” who comes knocking on the door to bring bad luck, or worse, death; shape-shifting and flesh-hungry monsters; “Tiyanak,” a vampiric creature in that imitates the form of a child, murderous mermaids, and more.

“Umbra” is executive produced by Anna Rodriguez dela Cruz, illustrated by Take One Animation Center and animated by Digibox Audiovisual Productions. Episodes will be available on beginning Thursday, October 19.

Episode 101-108 airing schedule:

October 11 at 8/7c
• Episode 101: Lady In White (Lugay) – Have you heard the story of Lugay? Between the municipalities of Poblacion and Lumang Bayan, you will find a place called Campo Santo. Life may be simple in this quiet little town, but hidden within its walls lies a mystery and her name is Lugay. The victim of a grim past, the lost soul of this young lady haunts the dark streets of Campo Santo, looking for innocent victims. One fateful night, Caloy became subject to a hair-raising experience when a young lady who was attracted to him, followed the young man to the point of death.who was attracted to him, followed the young man to the point of death.
• Episode 102: The Nightmare (Batibat) – Is sleeping your favorite past time? You better think twice because your sweet slumber might lead to your worst nightmare. That is exactly what happened to a logger named Cardo and his sons Japoy and Benok. One day, they fell victim to a creature who lay in wait for them in the middle of the forest. His name was Batibat, someone whose tragic life led him to exact revenge on anyone who wandered into the forest. Find out what lies behind the dark mystery that is Batibat.

October 18 at 8/7c
• Episode 103: The Creepy Knocker (Mangangatok) – In a state-of-the-art building in the middle of a metropolis, there lurks an evil presence. Folktales intertwined with the changing of the times does not change the reality that there are malignant creatures that bring terror to every house they visit. These creepy knockers, that invoke fear in everyone they meet, come knocking to people’s doors to bring ill-fate and take their very lives. So beware of receiving visitors, lest they be the last ones you see alive.
• Episode 104: Karma – Do you believe that everything you do, whether good or bad, has a consequence? This is the story of Jeric, a young man who preyed on innocent women. One day all of this will change as he gets payback for all the things he has done and karma stares him in the face.

October 25 at 8/7c
• Episode 105: The Doctor (Doktora) – ‘One night, Aries and his pregnant wife Camille ended up in a mysterious clinic because she was suffering from stomach pains. But as day turned into night, a strange mystery unfolds before them as they discover that the doctor and all the other nurses that worked in that clinic were not human but were in fact evil creatures. This couple will become the unwilling victims of the manananggal (a flying creature that leaves half of its body behind while it seeks out human victims they can prey on).
• Episode 106: The Changeling (Baby Ko) – For the past seven years, Mike and Sally have not stopped praying for a child of their own. With the help of a mysterious woman, their prayers were

November 1 at 8/7c
• Episode 107: Revenge (Ganti) – In a quiet community by the sea, it is said that for a long time now, there is a creature that takes innocent lives. This creature is known as Maguindara, a mermaid that lurks under the sea. One man will attempt to end the killings and bring an end to the Maguindara.
• Episode 108: Shape-Shifters (Balatkayo) – No matter how hard he tries to hide, an aswang (flesh eating monster) cannot help but transform into its evil self when it is overcome by need and desire. And when a promise was broken by one of their kind, the aswang will pay for his sins with the lives of his very own family.

ABOUT Myx TV: Launched in 2007, Myx TV is the only English-language multicultural Asian American entertainment network in the United States, broadcast in more than 15 million households on cable providers such as Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Bright House and DIRECTV. The network is also available on digital platforms, offering on-demand content online and on OTT platforms such as Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Blu-ray and Sony Bravia. Myx TV’s award-winning programming includes reality shows, music videos, movies, and digital programming. To find Myx TV in your area and for exclusive content online, visit

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