ALPHA DELTA ZATAN Debuts on VOD with New Trailer

Together Magic Films and Reel Nightmare Films are delivering a bloodbath of sexy studs to gay audiences worldwide with their brand new homo-horror slasher feature film Alpha Delta Zatan, now playing on Amazon Video US/UK and in over 100 countries on Vimeo On Demand.

A playful Halloween choice for gay viewers and fans of horror, the official synopsis of Alpha Delta Zatan reads: “In a frat house where no one can be trusted, a new brother becomes the target of a masked killer.”
The 72-minute film was directed by Art Arutyunyan from a screenplay by Armand Petri (Bayou Ghost Story). Alpha Delta Zatan stars hunky newcomers Jeremy Winter, Jake Kidwell, Connor Field, Drake Malone and Eleaze.

“[Alpha Delta Zatan] is a fun, seductive horror film with tons of eye candy. I consider the film a role reversal on the traditional sorority slasher film.” Says director Arutyunyan, who added the film features a diverse, all-male cast.

Alpha Delta Zatan will expand to additional On Demand platforms in the upcoming weeks, and it will be released on DVD next month. It’s now playing on Amazon Video and Vimeo On Demand.

Amazon Video Purchase Link (US/UK)

Vimeo On Demand Purchase Link

Movie Clip [Mature]


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