“If you love horror stories do not pass this one up!”…

12 Twisted Tales from America’s Deep South! Psychotic Killers, Bloodthirsty Monsters and Ghastly Specters from Beyond the Grave!

The third collection of dark fiction from Matthew Weber (A DARK & WINDING ROAD, SEVEN FEET UNDER) will grab you like a meat hook and keep you turning pages long after you’ve wet the bed. From back-country curses and maniacal next-door neighbors to alien invasions and shape-shifting beasts, TEETH MARKS delivers the most fun you’ll ever have reading about terrible things.

“This book is awesome! Very scary and fun…highly recommended! If you love horror stories do not pass this one up!”

“From monsters unknown (“Of All the Nights”) to the monster next door (“Suburban Facebreaker”), this collection covers all of your worst nightmares. Weber once again takes you to the rural Deep South where sometimes that thing that goes bump in the night is just the dog’s tail… But it’s those fears that wake you in a cold sweat when you’re praying your furry friend comes trotting into the room that Weber brings to life in his book. They say the devil is in the details, and Weber does a spectacular job of unveiling him to the reader. The author’s vivid descriptions will at times have the reader’s heart racing and his/her stomach turning. This is sure to be an instant favorite for any horror fan. Buy this book! But take my advice, this one is best enjoyed by a flashlight in bed or next to a campfire… not over lunch. Enjoy!”

“The beauty of Teeth Marks is the originality of these stories. As a collection It flows well, and there’s a great deal of darkness mixed with black humor. Webber is the kind of writer who wants people to notice him and he does this by writing stories that connect with the reader. You never know what to expect, and that’s the beauty of it all. There’s not a bad story here which means if you aren’t a fan midway through there’s something wrong with you, or maybe you’re just not a horror fan. The stories are short, but the odd thing is they all work. You don’t feel cheated at the end which happens with a lot of these collections.” –Slap Happy Fun Time

“Each of the twelve offerings in this collection is just knock-down drag-out crazydamn good. I was reminded in all the best ways of Bentley Little’s short stories, that relatable modern Americana feel, the kinds of things that could happen in anybody’s town … or neighborhood … or very own home.” –The Horror Fiction Review

“Don’t mistake this wonderful collection as “only” Deep South hillbilly Noir. Don’t sell it short. Matthew Weber is quite a talent, and every one of the twelve stories collected in TEETH MARKS demonstrates a gifted writer and polished quality.” –The Haunted Reading Room

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With this collection of short stories, Matthew Weber delivers seven twisted tales from America’s Deep South. From flesh-hungry creatures that lurk in a lake to voodoo curses that change men into monsters, Seven Feet Under delivers spine-tingling suspense and bed-wetting horror.

“To Kill a Guy Twice” pits a vicious ghost against a young boy, his friend and his family.

“In the Hills, The Shadows” shows that your sins can catch up with you, even when you thought you’d gotten away with murder.

And a father will do whatever it takes to save his children from a city-smashing leviathan in “Daddy’s On the Way.”

Fast-paced, frightening and full of shocking twists and turns, this book will force you to stay up late, lock every door, and keep the lights on until the break of dawn.

“We are talking seriously disturbed. If you think you have a limit, Matt Weber will push it. If you think you’re at the end and screaming “there could be nothing worse” Matt Weber then takes it up a notch more. Wonderfully horrific and deeply disturbing. Check it out!”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with Matthew Weber’s mind, but I love it. This book isn’t for the faint of heart. Don’t read if you own a gag reflex. I’m a scientist and can admit that I’ve been elbow deep in human cadavers and wasn’t nearly as disturbed.”

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About author Matthew Weber

Matthew Weber lives just north of Birmingham, Alabama, with his wife and kids. He is author of the dark fiction collections ‘Seven Feet Under’ and ‘A Dark & Winding Road’, and is editor of the ‘Double Barrel Horror’ anthology series. He also wrote ‘The Bull’ (a novel), ‘I Want to Be a Monster When I Grow Up’ (illustrated children’s book), and ‘The Quick & Easy Home DIY Manual’ (non-fiction). He has been editor-in-chief of ‘Extreme How-To’ magazine since 2003. When he isn’t chasing kids, writing or remodeling, he plays bass guitar for the punk band SKEPTIC?

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