There’s a thin line between reality and dreams in… 

The line between reality and dreams becomes blurred as a young girl is questioned by police about a house fire that claimed the lives of her family.


Shelby Taylor Mullins

Chris Petty

Tory Beckham

Romell Weaver

Directed and written by:

Mike Thompson

Now sit back and enjoy this awesome short film…

What was director/writer Mike Thompson’s inspiration for the film?

He answered that in a recent interview

“I’m kind of obsessed with police procedural shows and movies, like the Killing, True Detective, Se7en, Silence of the Lambs, etc. and I always really get into the interrogation sequences, because that’s when a lot of the revelations for the show/film come to light about the identity of the killer and things of that nature. The only issue is, I wasn’t sure what the interrogation looked like for a short and how to make it into something that had a story that was solitary, without having to be part of a bigger story to be important. Tommy pitched the idea to me of doing something horror related and it kind of clicked after that and I think I figured it out in a day or two. I’m a big fan of movies like Carrie, Firestarter, and The Fury, so I thought it would be interesting to do something like that. It basically feels like an alternate ending to Carrie where she’s picked up by the police before returning home I guess?”

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