Casting Call for “Don’t Fuck in the Woods 2”

Casting Call announcement for Don’t Fuck in the Woods 2. The sequel to this year’s controversially titled Don’t Fuck in the Woods. (Soon to be distributed by Gravitas Ventures in early 2018)

Concept Media (Don’t Fuck in the Woods, Betsy, Failing Grace) and Studio 605 (The Wicked One, Scream for Summer, The Campground: The Requel) are teaming up to bring you a sequel that’s bigger and has more blood and boobs than the original!

Writer/Director Shawn Burkett and producer Chris Gierowski as well as returning cast Brittany Blanton and Roman Jossart are back in the fold and they need your help!

Casting: Four female roles are still available. Three of those require nudity and sexual situations. None of which contain an actual sex. (This is a horror movie NOT a porno!)

Four male roles are still available. Two of those contain sexual situations, but without actual sex. (again, horror NOT porn)

Experience is not necessary to audition. All candidates must be 18 years or older with a valid ID. Video auditions are required. Email name, age, city, headshots, resume, demo reels, contact information to:

We anticipate production in late April or mid May 2018. We are still scouting locations, but wish to film in the southwestern Ohio area.

Synopsis: Immediately following the events of the first film, a new cast of characters are going to learn the old saying passed down from the hermit in the hills, “Don’t Fuck in the Woods.”

Writer/Director: Shawn Burkett – After being raised by his grandfather and spending most of their days watching the old Universal monster films, it has been a lifelong dream to make films. Following DFITW, he finished his next werewolf feature, Betsy which will have a festival run starting in 2018.

Executive Producer: Chris Gierowski is an Emmy award winning television news photojournalist/editor. His passion for film began as a child when he read a book by Troma President Lloyd Kaufman. After that, he knew it was his life’s goal to become a filmmaker. His dedication to his craft has led him to produce several independent short and feature films including DFITW, HEAD, Alamo Downs, Cursed World Problems, The Wicked One, Irrational Fear.

Concept Media Films: Concept Media Films has been making indie films since 2011. With each film, we grow technically and mentally. Genre of films primarily involve suspense/thriller but really any subgenre of horror. DFITW 2 is our 9th feature film. With every production we set the bar higher and higher.

Concept Media:

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