Original Goosebumps Series Reviewed

YouTube Channel Reviews Goosebumps Series
All 62 original books covered in 25 days

Cincinnati, OH: From December 1st to Christmas Day, YouTube channel The Laughing Man will be reviewing all 62 books of the original Goosebumps series. The reviews will be short, a few minutes dedicated to each individual book. A maximum of three books will be analyzed per episode.

The channel creator, Matthew Clark, said: “Growing up in the 90’s, Goosebumps was everywhere. My introduction to the series was The Barking Ghost, and I quickly became obsessed. This marathon is an opportunity for me to re-read these books for the first time since I was a kid. I am beyond excited.”

About The Laughing Man: The Laughing Man is a gaming culture YouTube channel featuring Let’s Plays, retrospectives, analyses, as well as scripted content.

Website: www.youtube.com/TheClark0900

Social Media: www.facebook.com/laughingman1986

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