Gil Valle, NYPD’s “Cannibal Cop”, Channels Fantasy into Fiction in His Debut Novel, A Gathering of Evil


Gil Valle, the former NYPD patrol cop who rose to infamy in 2012 after he was wrongfully arrested by the feds for allegedly plotting to kidnap, cook, and eat women, fleshes out his fantasies in his debut novel, A Gathering of Evil, serving up a feast of gut-churning horror.

A Gathering of Evil is a graphic and disturbing story that will make even the most hardened fan of extreme horror squirm, including the Comet Press editors, who specialize in publishing extreme horror and hardcore dark crime: “Hats off to Gil for writing one of the most horrifying books we’ve ever read. It takes a helluva lot to get under our skin, and he succeeded.”

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Gil Valle On Writing A Gathering of Evil

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“Many people reached out to me directly on social media. A few of them suggested that I should channel my fantasies into a horror novel, so I thought about it and decided to give it a shot. I have the ability to tell a good, detailed story, and I think that something coming from me would have to be graphic and scary. I don’t think people who are familiar with me and the stigma attached to me would expect anything different.”

“I even had a hard time reading it when I was editing it. It’s not a book that’s going to be for everyone, but anyone who is into horror and wants to have their boundaries challenged should definitely check it out when it’s released.”

About the Book

A Gathering of Evil is the story of two New York women leading seemingly normal lives, completely unaware that they have been targeted by a group of wealthy and violent sadists. This group, who met through the Dark Web, share some rather unusual sexual desires, along a with desire to turn those twisted fantasies into reality. Marilyn and Bruce, the wealthy couple from upstate New York who have organized the event, have gathered this group of people from all different backgrounds and brought them together through a common bond: The lust and desire to kidnap a young woman and brutally end her life. The hunt is on. Will the prey survive this gathering of evil?

About the Author

Gil Valle is a former NYPD patrol cop who rose to infamy in 2012 after he was wrongfully arrested by the feds for allegedly plotting to kidnap, cook, and eat women. He became known to the world as the “Cannibal Cop” and faced life in prison. Valle has since been completely exonerated of all wrongdoing. In February of 2017 he released the critically acclaimed Raw Deal—a memoir about his ordeal and the criminal case.

“An unflinching, downright scary memoir of injustice from a man whose penchant for morbid role-plays landed him in prison. Gil Valle’s sick, sexual, sometimes silly online chats were used against him by the feds, and he was convicted of masterminding an improbable conspiracy of cannibals that stretched across three continents. The outrageous prosecution cost him nearly everything he had—but now, finally, Valle has found a way to write his story for himself.” —Daniel Engber, Columnist for Slate Magazine

“Raw Deal, co-written with Brian Whitney, is an engrossing and very well-written book that shows a different side to the Valle who became a vilified punchline. Aside from the lurid subject matter, the book is important because it describes an apparent real-life case of the Orwellian nightmare of being persecuted and put on trial simply for “thought crime”. —Christine Colby, Managing Editor of

“This has to be one of the most fascinating and disturbing cases I’ve ever looked into. Disturbing not because of what he said, but because he was almost put in prison for life for his thoughts.” —Journalist Melkorka Licea, New York Post

Gil Valle resides in Queens, NY with his two dogs Dudley and Tyson. He has appeared on Inside Edition, Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen, People Magazine,, Slate, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, The New York City Crime Report, True Murder with Dan Zupansky, and many other places.

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