Child’s Play: 30th Anniversary Screening Presented by Popcorn Frights

Popcorn Frights and O Cinema proudly present a newly resorted 2K presentation of CHILD’S PLAY!

Live Q&A Intro (via Skype) with director Tom Holland!

CHILD’S PLAY will be preceded by the Chucky documentary short, THE DOLLHOUSE!

What child of the 80s or 90s didn’t grow up with nightmares of Chucky? FRIGHT NIGHT director Tom Holland and writer Don Mancini (HANNIBAL) bring killer Charles Lee Ray to life as Chucky, a Good Guy doll turned bad. Filled with cutting-edge animatronic effects, gallows humor and a genuine sense of fright, CHILD’S PLAY remains one of the freshest post-slashers of the late 1980s.

Serial killer Charles Lee Ray is gunned down in a toy store. As death creeps in, Ray does what any devotee of Satan would do — he transfers his soul to a foul-mouthed doll, infiltrates the home of an innocent family, and gets his revenge. Chucky is born! And he is filled with rage!! Playing on the childhood fears that dwell within us all, CHILD’S PLAY is a smart, subversive explosion of scares, violence, and supernatural electricity.

Screening Details:

Friday, February 9th at 11:30

At O Cinema Wynwood

90 NW 29th St

Miami, FL

Get your ticket at:

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