Fab Press Launch Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Large Format Art Book About London’s Scala Cinema

FAB Press has today launched a new Indiegogo Campaign to raise the funds to publish an ambitious oversized art book about the life and times of London’s iconic SCALA CINEMA 1978-1993.

Written by the cinema’s former programmer Jane Giles, the book runs to 400 large format illustrated pages including full-page / full-colour reproductions of all 178 monthly Scala programmes, plus behind-the-scenes photos and ephemera.

The superior slip-cased, gold-embossed cloth-covered special edition of the Scala Cinema book will be available to Indiegogo backers at Level 2 and above, and will never be re-issued.

If we don’t hit our target, the book will not be produced.

The Scala Cinema book Indiegogo campaign is now live, and runs for 35 days, finishing on March 8th, 2018. Please visit our campaign today and share the link… https://igg.me/at/Scala

Campaign Overview

A million people went through the doors of London’s Scala cinema between June 1978-June 1993. Were you one of them? 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the first Scala programme in Fitzrovia and 25 years since the cinema’s closure. It’s the perfect time to tell the Scala’s story – what was on the screen and what happened behind the scenes at the world’s greatest independent cinema during that turbulent time. A one-off, this incomparable book features for the first time the complete set of Scala programmes, and more.

A Legacy Publication to Treasure

No one has ever attempted to reproduce an entire set of a single cinema venue’s programmes until now, so it’s hard to find anything like this book. But the text has already been written and we have a complete collection of programmes waiting to be scanned, along with other rare materials.

For people who knew and loved the Scala, the book will be a great treasure. And it will go into the libraries of colleges and universities to be studied by generations to come.
This book is possible because of Jane’s in-depth knowledge of the subject, her research skills and personal access to the key protagonists. Meanwhile, as both designer and publisher of the book, Harvey Fenton has also worked for free on the project. FAB Press delivered a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign for the publication of the Special Edition of Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci last year, and we hope to achieve the same levels of success again.

We believe that our experience as an author and designer/publisher combined with an expert editor and indexer will guarantee the highest quality publication. The challenge is in raising the money to cover production costs in advance.


About the Scala
The Scala was launched by Stephen Woolley out of the ashes of a defunct socialist collective on the site of an ancient concert hall and theatre in Fitzrovia. Pushed out of its premises by the arrival of Channel 4 television in 1981, the Scala moved to the Primatarium, a former picture palace and one-time rock venue in King’s Cross. A lone operator, the Scala closed down in mid-1993, following a perfect storm of lease expiry, the financial ravages of the recession, the redevelopment of the local area … and a devastating court case.

About the Author
Jane Giles started going to the Scala when she was 17, and was programme manager there from 1988-1992. A film exhibitor and distributor, she is the author of books The Cinema of Jean Genet, Criminal Desires and The Crying Game (BFI Modern Classics) in addition to writing for the Guardian, Time Out, Sight & Sound and others.

About the Publisher
Harvey Fenton was a regular at the Scala during its final 5 years. He attributes the Scala for transforming his curiosity about off-beat cinema into a full-blown obsession that directly led to the formation of his company FAB Press, specialists in high-end quality cinema books for cult connoisseurs. He recently collaborated with Nicolas Winding Refn to publish The Act of Seeing, and is the official publisher for leading UK genre specialists FrightFest.

The Scala Cinema Indiegogo campaign is now live, and runs for 35 days, finishing on the 8th of March. Please visit our campaign today and share the link…

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