Berlin Awaits Post-Apocalyptic Shakespeare’s MAD MACBETH & Haunting Thriller from Spain RESORT PARAISO

MAD MACBETH, the post-apocalyptic rendition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, will be presented by EuroObscura during the next edition of the European Film Market of Berlin. The movie, a mix between MAD MAX, Shakespeare and Lovecraft, promises to be a most intriguing iteration of the bard’s work. Directed by Italian helmer Domiziano Cristopharo (HOUSE OF FLESH MANNEQUINS) and written by veteran Antonio Tentori (DRACULA 3D), the movie has been shot and produced in Kosovo by Hasan Lushi and Halil Budakova and represents a perfect example of the lively production scene of this country.

EuroObscura will introduce during the Berlin market also RESORT PARAISO, Best Movie and Directing Award at the Festival De Cine De Terror De Costa Del Sol, a terrifying thriller where a couple find themselves trapped in a holiday resort with a psychopathic security guard. Inspired by the most startling thrillers like CAPE FEAR and THE SHINING, director Enrique Garcia offers us a nail-biting experience interpreted with mastery by Rafa Castillo, Virginia De Morata and Hector Medina.

The European Film Market will open on the 15th of February and EuroObscura will handle the sales for both movies there.

MAD MACBETH – Market Premiere
Kosovo 2018 – 90 minutes – Action Sci/Fi

MAD MACBETH is the Shakespeare’s Macbeth as it has never been told: gypsies fight for the King Dushkan crown in a post apocalyptic future reminiscent of MAD MAX. Antonio Tentori (Dracula 3D, Frankenstein 2000) melds Lovecraft’s insane atmosphere with Shakespeare’s most violent tragedy to create a twisted and unique film directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (House Of Flesh Mannequins, Red Krokodil).


RESORT PARAISO – Market Premiere – Best Movie and Directing Award at Festival De Cine De Terror De La Costa Del Sol
Spain – 2017 – 85 min. – Thriller

Pablo and Eva are struggling through a deep job and marriage crisis. Out of despair they squat in the hotel where Eva works during the summers. It closes between November and March, so they can use the rooms and facilities of the resort to get through the winter. This means avoiding the two security guards that watch the hotel in day and night shifts. But Eva has thoroughly outlined a plan that would make their presence go unnoticed. Everything goes fine until Saul, one of the security guards begins to suspect that there are intruders in the resort.


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