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Here are some of the horror DVD/Blu-Ray releases for March 20!

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In the middle of a modern city, an ancient evil is about to awaken! An elaborate cathedral that was once the site of a medieval massacre by crusading knights becomes a deadly trap for a group of visitors and staff when a sealed crypt is accidentally reopened. The laws of reality soon collapse as a nightmare takes hold and claims the lives of those within one by one, threatening to unleash a supernatural pestilence upon the world! Legendary horror maestro Dario Argento (Suspiria, Opera, Deep Red) presents this stylish shocker from director Michele Soavi (The Sect, Dellamorte Dellamore, Stagefright), featuring an avalanche of nightmarish visual effects and a powerful score by Goblin and Keith Emerson. Don’t miss this baroque descent into the occult starring Tomas Arana (Gladiator, The Bodyguard, The Sect), Barbara Cupisti (Stagefright, New York Ripper), and Asia Argento (xXx, Land of the Dead), now in eye-popping, glorious HD!

Originally conceived in the mid-sixties, Images concerns a pregnant children s author (Susannah York, who won the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival) whose husband (Rene Auberjonois) may or may not be having an affair. While on vacation in Ireland, her mental state becomes increasingly unstable resulting in paranoia, hallucinations and visions of a doppelgänger.

John Rudley (G. Michael Smith) is angry. When he was young, the local kids pushed him to the brink. Ten years in a sanitarium is a long time. Now he’s free… free to release those savage frustrations… free to avenge himself against those responsible for his injuries… and in case anyone thought her was long gone… he can’t wait to have them all wrapped up.

Ralph (Dean Cameron, Summer School) is just your typical, average vampire with love in his heart, music in his veins: and a curse on his head. Every 22 years, poor Ralph is doomed to lose his soulmate, Mona, at the hands of a rhinestone-peg-legged pirate brandishing a large hambone. But this time around, with the help of his newly-formed band Rockula, Ralph is determined to crush the curse once and for all: and show Mona that when you’re a vampire, true love is eternal … and rock ’n roll never dies.

When three tourists stop at a roadside diner in Canyonland, they become the unwitting victims of a lethal scientific experiment. A deranged powerbroker and his high-tech army have sealed off the town and contaminated the water supply with a deadly toxin which turns calm, normal people into raving lunatics. Joining forces with the local sheriff and his daughter, this small band of holdouts wage an explosive life-or-death battle for survival.

When Mary loses one of her twins at child birth, she suffers from a psychotic break that leads her to believe that a supernatural entity is out to take her remaining child.

Carter arrives in Italy to restore an ancient painting hidden in a de-consecrated church. As he goes about his work, he discovers the surroundings occupied by people performing strange rituals and a town that is hiding a mystery concerning the nearby lake, which local legend claims was created by a meteor’s impact. An impact, it seems, still felt hundreds of years later. ”Two Left Arms” was inspired by the dreams of H.P. Lovecraft (The Re-Animator), directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins, Dark Waves), written by Andrea Cavaletto (Hidden in the Woods) and features a great cast: Paolo Stella, Yvonne Sciò, Frank Laloggia, Ruggero Deodato, with cult horror icon Carlo De Mejo in his final on-screen appearance.

The Hell Gang, an exclusive club made up of a group of school friends, promise their classmate Eddie that he can join the gang if he can just make it to the porch of a legendary local mansion with a dark, sinister past. Others have tried but none have made it within sight of the mansion before fleeing back in terror. And Eddie, who is rigged with a camera to prove he did it, does not return at all! Five members of the gang must now go in to find him. They set off, confident that Eddie is trying to prank them, but what they find in the old mansion is even more terrifying than the campfire stories and legends of murdered children that once lived there.

Revenge haunts the halls on Prom Night. In this three installment collection teens must deal with a stalking axe-murderer, a blood-spilling mentally unstable priest and the spirit of a teen queen who went up in flames-all before the king and queen can be crowned!

When her new-found friend goes missing, a vicious young female killer unearths a ring of sinister Internet snuff films being made in the middle of the Spanish desert.

Anna is a beautiful and fiercely independent blind woman. Due to financial problems, her husband Carl has to sell their city apartment and they move into his rural childhood home. Left to fend for herself during the day when Carl is at work, an unhappy Anna begins to hear eerie noises and strange events that lead her to think that someone…or something…is in the house with her. International sensation Roberta Gemma stars in ”The Transparent Woman,” a steamy thriller that promises to chill your bones while it raises your temperature. Directed by Domiziano Cristopharo, who brought the fantastic to life with his chillers “Dark Waves” and “Two Left Arms.”

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