Exclusive Interview with “The House on Elm Lake” Actress Becca Hirani

London-based actress Becca Hirani chats to us about her new spookfest “The House on Elm Lake”, a chilling supernatural horror film, made across by the Pond, which hits VOD this month from Wild Eye Releasing.

-PH: How did you get the gig on House on Elm Lake..? is there a story there?

-Becca: The film was originally shot back in 2014 in West London on a zero budget, it was never released but that’s how I initially got involved, I was at the start of my on screen career and it was the chance to perform in my very first leading role. Then, in 2016, I was made aware that it was going to be reshot with more financial backing and a revamp of the script in a new location. I enjoyed being a part of the original, so of course, was ecstatic to hear we’d get the chance to do it again, in a bigger and better way!

-PH: Were you familiar with the director’s other work?

-Becca: I worked with Jim on Mother Krampus, which was basically shot around the same time as House on Elm Lake – Mother Krampus was Jim’s directorial debut for a feature film, so I got the chance to work with him just as he was beginning to direct features! It was a great experience working with him.

-PH: What was it about the character that appealed to you?

-Becca: Hayley Jones has always been one of my favourite characters to play, which is why I was so keen to come back and do the role! I love her journey of discovery throughout the story – it’s a constant trail of unravelling information. She is a gentle but resilient character who faces horrendous tragedies, but is also the driving force for the story and the glue attempting to keeping her family together. I get to play every kind of emotion in this movie which is why I have found it such a wonderful role.

-PH: Having done so many movies in this genre, I assume you must be a fan?

-Becca: Absolutely – I love all kinds of genres, but anything with suspense, thrill, twists and turns makes the perfect story for me. When I look back at the movies that have effected me the most mentally and emotionally throughout the years, horror has to be up there.

-PH: They’re all very different though – the films you’ve done that might be considered horror/thriller films – is that a conscious choice to go after movies that aren’t alike?

-Becca: I have always been conscious in a way about going after roles in movies that aren’t alike purely because I like to try different things and a new challenge exhilarates me; playing with new characters, story lines, different styles of the genre, if you like. As a creative you want to be as versatile as possible and try your hand at many different kinds of films.

-PH: Where was the ‘House’ in the film located? In your neck of the woods?

-Becca: Oh that creepy lake house was such a great location. It was actually filmed in Essex, England – which is not too far from London where I currently live. It’s as close to the country side you can get from such a big city but still gives that feeling of isolation.

-PH: We’d be remiss not to ask you about your upcoming flick, Mummy Reborn? What can you tell us?

-Becca: Mummy Reborn was a very fun film to be a part of. It is directed by Dan Allen – the same director as UNHINGED, so it was a joy to work with him again. I actually only play a brief cameo role in the early part of the film, where I get to do a couple of comedy scenes – which is new to me so it was a fun challenge. It is currently in the edit and coming together well from what I’ve heard. Dan is trying to get my character to reappear in a potential sequel… haha! We will have to see…

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