New Film ‘Armenian Haunting ’ Unleashes a Paranormal Evil 100-Years in the Making

Now on Prime Video: Paranormal Mystery ‘Armenian Haunting’ Unleashes an Evil 100-Years in the Making.

Reel Nightmare Films has released their new horror docu-thriller Armenian Haunting on Prime Video US/UK/Germany and worldwide (with optional Armenian and German subtitles) on Vimeo On Demand.

The official synopsis reads: “An Armenian-American journalist turns into an unwilling ghost hunter while researching the sudden deaths in her family and their connection to a paranormal mystery.”

“[Armenian Haunting] is a must-see for fans of paranormal investigations and ghost hunting; and for anyone interested on learning about the Armenian Genocide.” Says Armand Petri, Head of Operations of Reel Nightmare Films.

Writer and Director Art Arutyunyan discusses his work in the film: “I was inspired by my father, who’s a passionate Armenian and who has been telling me stories about the Genocide since I was a child. I believe that the subject of the Armenian Genocide needs to be covered in a variety of genres: dramas, horror, series, animation and others; so we chose the paranormal horror genre for our film. [The Armenian Genocide] is a history lesson that has been largely denied, so we are reaching out to the public in an unconventional way to bring attention to an event that should never be forgotten.”

Armenian Haunting is now available to Prime Video subscribers in the US, UK and Germany. The 78-minute horror film will be added to more VOD platforms in the coming weeks.

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Prime Video US:
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Worldwide on Vimeo:

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