Popcorn Frights Film Festival is Moving to Savor Cinema

One of the Best Horror Film Fests and 
One of South Florida’s Best Theatres Are Teaming Up!

Popcorn Frights Film Festival is coming to 
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival’s Historic Savor Cinema

After three years at O Cinema Wynwood, co-founders & co-directors Igor Shteyrenberg and Marc Ferman are moving their Popcorn Frights Film Festival to Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival’s (FLiFF) Savor Cinema. The Southeast’s largest gathering of horror films and fans alike, Popcorn Fright and Savor Cinema promise a year-round experience of the best in international genre cinema and cult film favorites.

Established in 2015, Popcorn Frights attendance has increased from 400 to over 6,000 in 2017 as it quickly has become the leading international genre film festival in the state of Florida. It was recently named “One of South Florida’s Top Five Film Festivals” by the Sun-Sentinel.

Savor Cinema stands as one of Florida’s most prestigious art house theatres. A historical landmark located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, the theatre was originally built as a Methodist Church in the 1940’s after the first building was blown away by the “Great Miami” hurricane of 1926. The theatre still retains its original stained glass windows and arched wooden doors.

“The sunshine state is going to get a whole lot more badass and bloody as we’re dialing up the terror to an all new level. Together with Savor Cinema, we’re going to bring an unrivaled offering of film premieres, repertory cinema, special guests, parties, and much more, all in the confines of a former house of worship. We’re going to raise holy hell!” said Co-Founders & Co-Directors Igor Shteyrenberg & Marc Ferman.

Popcorn Frights’ first offering at Savor Cinema is its newly launched Friday Night Frights series celebrating cult and horror movies. The series kicks off with the 1985 zombie classic, THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, and will feature star of the film and South Florida resident, Linnea Quigley, on hand for an introduction and post-screening Q&A.

In August, Savor Cinema will be the host for the 4th Annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival, occurring August 10-16, 2018. A full schedule will be announced in June, for more information, visit popcornfrights.com. To purchase early bird badges, please visit popcornfrights.com/tickets. For shorts and full length feature submissions, please visit: filmfreeway.com/PopcornFrightsFilmFestival

Savor Cinema (503 SE 6th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301).

Follow the Popcorn Frights Film Festival on Facebook (/popcornfrights) or Twitter (@popcornfrights) for updates with the latest information about the Festival. Join the conversation using the hashtag #popcornfrights on social media.

Popcorn Frights Film Festival presents the very best genre films from across the world as it celebrates the art of horror. As the largest genre film festival in Florida, Popcorn Frights mission is to premiere films from emerging and established filmmakers enabling the industry and general audiences to experience the power of storytelling through genre film. The fourth annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival will occur August 10-16, 2018.

Originally built as a The First Methodist Church in 1946, after the first one was destroyed by the hurricane of 1926, the building became a depot for Courthouse records in the 1960’s. In 1986, it was transformed into The Vinnette Carroll Theater in honor of the Off-Broadway writer, director and actress of the same name and in 1998, the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival revamped the theater and named it after the Oscar-winning Italian film, Cinema Paradiso. In 2016, Fort Lauderdale Film Festival’s Executive Board Member, Steve Savor, helped renovate the theater which the festival renamed Savor Cinema. For a schedule of films visit www.FLiFF.com or call 954-525-FILM (3456).

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