Horror Headlines

Here are some of today’s horror headlines…

Hotel Transylvania 3 Sneak Peek Prepares for a Summer Vacay (Comingsoon.net)

Fede Alvarez Debates Tackling EVIL DEAD 2 or DON’T BREATHE 2 Next (Dread Central)

Sony Crafts CONJURING-Style Universe Around Father Gabriele Amorth (Dread Central)

Brad Dourif Confirms CHILD’S PLAY TV Series (Dread Central)

Blumhouse’s THE PURGE TV Series Will Be 70% Purge Night (Dread Central)

Quick Update on THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES TV Series; Pilot Is Written But Fuller Is Out (Dread Central)

You’ll Be Seeing Much More of These Two Characters in “The Walking Dead” Season 9 (Bloody Disgusting)

No More Hybrid Dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic World 3,’ Colin Trevorrow Says (Bloody Disgusting)

Lloyd Kaufman Dishes First ‘Toxic Avenger 5’ Details; “Very Ambitious” and “Best One Yet” (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Welcome Home’ Turn Emily Ratajkowski and Aaron Paul Against Each Other (Bloody Disgusting)

Val Kilmer Solves a Murder as ‘The Super’ [Cannes] (Bloody Disgusting)

SXSW Hit Number 37 Coming to Cinemas This Year (Scream)

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