Horror Headlines

Here are some of today’s horror headlines…

American Horror Story Crossover Confirmed for Next Season (ComingSoon.net)

Death Wants Some Face Time in the Unfriended: Dark Web Trailer & Poster (ComingSoon.net)

Ryan Murphy Says AHS 8 is Unlike Anything the Series Has Done Before (Dread Central)

THE FIRST PURGE Gets Three New Posters (Dread Central)

6 Rules For a Great JURASSIC PARK / WORLD Movie (Dread Central)

Funko’s THE LOST BOYS Collection Bites Back This July (Dread Central)

Interview: Kyle Gass Discusses His Role In APARTMENT 212 (Dread Central)

Join the ‘Malicious’ Dinner Party; World Premiere Next Week! [Cinepocalypse] (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Saw VI’ Star Peter Outerbridge Joins the Cast of Netflix’s Vampire Series “V-Wars” (Bloody Disgusting)

Director Ari Aster Answers Some Questions You May Have About ‘Hereditary’ (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Tales from the Hood 2’ and ‘Rondo’ Highlight Fantasia’s Second Wave Announcement! (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Boarding School’ Images Have a Very Bad Day [Exclusive] (Bloody Disgusting)

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