Horror Movie Survival Guide

Horror Movie Survival Guide is a podcast created by horror film fans for horror film fans itching to take their film knowledge to the next level. Your hosts Julia Marchese and Marion Kerr are your trusted guides through deep independent cuts to juggernaut horror titles.

The love of horror runs deep for these two unlikely gore hounds. Marchese, an actress, filmmaker and film programmer fell in love with the horror genre at an early age. Marchese shared her love of the genre with Kerr, an actress and writer, while they were in college, and once Kerr realized that horror films were really all about survival, the duo made it their mission to watch every horror film in their local video store and to catalogue each experience to create the ultimate survival guide.

Marchese and Kerr have collectively spent well over 30 years dissecting the ins and outs of common horror themes and tropes, and have seen hundreds of horror movies together. They revere 1984’s Nightmare on Elm Street as the greatest horror movie ever made, love Tommy Jarvis from Friday the 13th part 4 & 5, but not 6, and hold Radish from 1981’s Final Exam dear to their hearts. While Marchese loves nothing more than a good Texas Chainsaw Massacre style gore fest, Kerr goes for atmospheric thrillers that get under your skin, Rosemary’s Baby style.

Each week on Horror Movie Survival Guide, they revisit classic and obscure horror VHS they viewed and logged in their notebook, breaking each movie down one by one, geeking out over all the ghastly minutia, and ultimately illuminating the path to survival.

The first podcast from Indie Popcorn’s FM podcast network, produced by Teri Gamble and Adam Bowman, Horror Movie Survival Guide has clocked in over 50 episodes so far, and still have hundreds of titles to explore in their notebook.

The response to the podcast has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans exclaiming “This show has two super knowledgeable hosts who can really sit down and discuss movies and obscure tidbits even the seasoned horror fan doesn’t know.”

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Rosemary’s Baby

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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