Tearful Surrender: A New Tale of Terror to Tantalize Your Brain!

Enthusiasts of the supernatural, indie horror lovers, and cult connoisseurs will be thrilled over the upcoming feature film Tearful Surrender—a gothic horror feature about a deadly sea siren and her witch accomplices who must feast on humans to survive! The film explores the fantastical facets of love, death, eroticism, and is to be filled with lust, the hunger for blood, the mysteries of immortality, necrophilia, lots of soul sucking, and copious amounts of blood!

The morbid minds at Dreams For Dead Cats Productions LLC (the team who brought the world the vibrant experimental cyber horror film ELLIOT) have just launched the fundraising campaign for Tearful Surrender! Writer/Director Cassandra Sechler of this erotic horror ensures us that is filled to the brim with odd characters, suspense, and other titillating and terrifying surprises!

Campaign Link: http://bit.ly/tearfulsurrender

The film unites themes of the occult, astrology, sexuality, mythology, and the human condition with great emphasis on the unforgiving qualities of love, sex, death, the anguish of time, and misery. Starring Morrigan Hel as the Siren, with her Dream Witch accomplices Eileen Daly, Morganna Bramah, Cassandra Sechler, and SarahTonin, also featuring cult talent Zara DuRose, Nathan Head, Sophia Disgrace, Joseph Stacey, Shelley Krasnowski, Nick Cornwall, Lindy Pieri, Kerry Sirrell, and Chris Lines. More talented cast and crew to be announced!

Production for Tearful Surrender is set to begin this fall and continue through the summer of 2019.

Visit the campaign page & website, and surrender to your greatest fears and darkest fantasies! Donate to this wild horror project and become part of something special.

Official Website: http://www.tearfulsurrender.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TearfulSurrender
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tears_Surrender

Official website: https://www.tearfulsurrender.com/
Campaign Video: https://vimeo.com/285414508
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/203956516

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