Introducing The Grave Plot Film Fest

Films that are a little dead inside

The Grave Plot Podcast is extremely excited to announce the creation of the first ever Grave Plot Film Fest, featuring short horror films (under 15 minutes) from around the globe.

“We know that we don’t always march to the same drum as the rest of the world. We have been known to dislike movies that are heralded by the masses, and we’ve been to known to love movies that have been chastised. We wanted to put together a collection of the kinds of movies that WE love. The bizarre, the downright gruesome, and the so funny you pee a little,” said Grave Plot Podcast co-host and festival director “Taylor of Terror” Bartle.

The festival’s jury includes Bartle and his co-host “SkeleTony” Gee, as well as YouTube hosts the Horror Addicts, author Ronnie Angel, and the founders of Luchagore Productions.

The festival has launched an Indiegogo campaign at to raise funds to rent a theater in Seattle, WA in order for everyone to come and see the horrors that await. If they can exceed their goal, they will look to do extra things like have Q&As with filmmakers or special giveaways. A date and venue will be announced at a later date.

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About the Grave Plot Podcast: The Grave Plot Podcast is a fortnightly horror podcast in three parts; Horror Business is our news section. We discuss the top five stories in horror, covering everything from movies to television to comics to video games. We often have interviews with people from all over the world of horror. Filmmakers, actors, or clothing company founders, we talk to them all. Finally, we have our reviews. Every episode we discuss two movies and assign them a ranking on a scale of 1 to 10.

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