New Trailer for “Notte Nuda”

The story is about two friends meeting after long time for a wild night of sex and drugs. Everything goes horribly wrong, the hooker they are with is killed by mobsters and they have to dispose of the body before the police finds them. So they go deep in the woods, where they’ll have to face evil creatures of the night and the demons of their mind.

It’s inspired by erotic/macabre Italian fumetti of the seventies.

The cast includes two iconic names of Italian horror genre, like the leading actor Pascal Persiano (Paganini Horror by Luigi Cozzi, Demons 2 by Lamberto Bava, Voices from beyond by Lucio Fulci), and the screenwriter Antonio Tentori ( A cat in the brain by Lucio Fulci, Dracula 3D by Dario Argento). Lorenzo Lepori is the producer and director of this new horror feature film

The movie will be distributed on DVD in Italian language and English subtitles in December.

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