KIM & KET STAY ALIVE… MAYBE Celebrates the Birthday of JAMIE LEE CURTIS with a Special Episode

KIM & KET STAY ALIVE… MAYBE celebrates the birthday of JAMIE LEE CURTIS with a special episode, featuring guest MAYA STOJAN

There’s so much to be thankful for this year, especially with the birthday of legendary scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis falling on Thanksgiving.

KIM & KET STAY ALIVE… MAYBE, the horror movie comedy podcast with a twist, is celebrating the occasion with a very special episode. Each week, horror addicts and best friends Kim Burns and Ketryn Porter take turns watching a horror movie and telling the other one about it — stopping at key points in the story to ask what they would do to stay alive.

This week, however, they’re changing things up: In honor of the birth of the original final girl, Kim and Ket saw HALLOWEEN (2018) together, and are joined by special guest Maya Stojan — who gets to try to stay alive inside the film.

Stojan, a star of film and television, is best known to fans as Agent 33 on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This is the first time Kim and Ket have been joined by a guest, and no one will surprised to find out that things do, in fact, get ridiculous.

The special episode drops Wednesday, November 21st — the day before Thanksgiving! So kick off your long holiday weekend with an extra shot of Halloween, courtesy of Kim and Ket.

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