Comedy Horror Show “The Milkman Cometh,” this January at Vault Fest


This January DeadPlant Theatre will debut their grotesque horror comedy The Milkman Cometh at the VAULT festival.

Featuring a live, original soundtrack by metal band Fuck Slurry, The Milkman Cometh is sure to get udder your skin.

“I can still hear the moos when I close me eyes. Burned alive poor buggers. Little did I know they were the lucky ones.”

In a not too distant bleak and milkless future, a lone warrior woman arrives in the village of Cud seeking fellow survivors and shelter. But this village is inhabited by a band of mason-like milky brothers and is full of dark secrets. For they still have a milkman, and the milk still cometh.

After last year’s sell out run of ‘The Service’ at the London Horror Festival, DeadPlant return with another surreal and nightmarish fable for the ages, exploring the damaging effect cattle farming has had on our environment and highlighting the horrors of the dairy industry.

The show flips gender stereotypes on their head and features a kickass heroine who will stop at nothing to beat the pasteurised patriarchy.

The Milkman Cometh blends storytelling, physical theatre and puppetry, and captures DeadPlant’s signature silly style.

Come meet the Milkman. IF…YOU… Dairy.

Praise for previous show The Service:

“Extremely funny. I actually laughed myself hoarse at one of the most disgustingly icky gags I have ever seen on stage ever.”
(Horror Hothouse. 5*****)

“An acid trip of a show”

(Underdog Reviews 4****)

“So depraved they make Charles Manson look like Julie Andrews…imagine if Les Mis and Josef Fritzl’s autobiography had a love- child and gave it up to Mr Blobby for adoption.”

(Broadway Baby 4**** )

Performance Details:
Dates/Times: Wednesday 23rd –Sunday 27th January. 21.20pm (16.50, and 21.20 on Saturday)
Location: Pit, The Vaults, Leake Street, London

About the Company

Founders, Alice Bounce, Lydia Hourihan, Owen Jenkins and Maxwell Tyler met whilst touring with Olivier nominated Les Enfants Terribles. United in their passion for original storytelling, clowning, and character driven theatre, they set up the company to share this passion.

DeadPlant Theatre specialise in horror and comedy, delighting in the dark and glorifying the gruesome. Their first show ‘The Service’ enjoyed a sell out run and rave reviews at 2017 The London Horror Festival before transferring to The King’s Head
in April 2018..

All output is written and devised by the company, and inspired by the social and environmental issues they feel passionate about.

DeadPlant Theatre is a female led theatre company. As well as all work being co- written and performed by women, the company’s creative team is predominately female. Including Director Katherine Timms, Designer Lily Faith Knight and Lighting designer Becky Brown.

DeadPlant is sister company to FacePlant Theatre, which focuses on producing original family friendly productions.
FacePlant Theatre debuted their kids show ‘One Duck Down’ at Vault Fest in 2018 and won the award for Best Family Show, as well as receiving several 5* reviews. One Duck Down is also returning to the VAULT festival in 2019.

Performance Details:

Dates/Times: Wednesday 23rd –Sunday 27th January. 21.20pm (16.50, and 21.20 on Saturday)

Location: Pit, The Vaults, Leake Street, London

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