Horror Movie Survival Guide – 100th Episode!

Horror Movie Survival Guide is thrilled to announce their upcoming 100th episode, which will be released as both a podcast and video on Monday, May 27th.

The centennial episode, centering on Danny Boyle’s terrifying 2002 film 28 Days Later, comes nearly two years after the podcasts’ debut and will feature a discussion about the film with hosts Teri Gamble, Julia Marchese and Marion Kerr.

The podcast began in 2017 with friends Marion Kerr and Julia Marchese re-watching films from their hyper detailed horror movie notebook (complete with rating systems) from college, where they kept track of all of the horror movie they watched together in their senior year – every movie in the horror section of their local Southern California video store – in their quest to learn how to survive the horror genre and triumph as prepared, badass final girls.

Over the course of more than 70 episodes, Julia and Marion broke down everything from classics (The Haunting, Rosemary’s Baby) to little seen gems (Fade to Black, Final Exam) and goretastic nightmare fuel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser) with enthusiasm and a true passion for the genre.

Teri Gamble, who had been co-producing the podcast along with Adam Bowman, took over as host for Marion in early 2019. A newbie to the horror genre, Teri is gleefully watching scary films with fresh eyes as veteran horror junkie Julia leads her down the primrose path of gore and terror, being introduced to a whole new world of horror, seeing everything for the first time, from The Shining to Ju-On.

Listen every Monday as they take a deep dive into horror films, obsessing about minor characters and details, spinning off into alternate casting universes and crushing on dodgy fellows as they strive to survive and become the final girls.

The podcast has a Patreon page, where listeners can subscribe to access exclusive interviews and content from the show and can be listened to wherever you enjoy podcasts, including:



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