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THE POCKET FILM OF SUPERSTITIONS is a quaint, eccentric, ethereal, creepy, cinematic, docu-fantasy almanac that explores a wide range of superstitions both well-known and not so well-known through the ages.

You can expect dream-scapes, victorian gothic, practical effects, light-hearted comedy balanced with scenes truly unsettling and nods to the haunted screen of the silent-era through to the seventies.

Half-way through production now and up till now have completely self funded the film. Due to the ambitious jumps through time with period set-pieces and the SFX required we have had to start up a Gofundme campaign to raise a little money for us to achieve some exciting and ambitious sequences on the horizon.

You can view the campaign and story behind it here:

And the official FB page here with some exciting BTS snaps and lobby-card stills.

Studio: Carnie Features

Directed By: Tom Lee Rutter

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