Horror Headlines

Here are some of today’s horror headlines…

Annie Potts Says She Will Return for Ghostbusters 3 (ComingSoon.net)

It’s A Twisted Game of Hide & Seek in Ready or Not Red Band Trailer (ComingSoon.net)

Everything We Know So Far About Titanus Behemoth from GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS (Dread Central)

Here’s What the Actor Who Played Danny Torrance in THE SHINING Thinks of the Trailer for DOCTOR SLEEP (Dread Central)

Trick or Treat Studios’ Life-Sized SEED OF CHUCKY Replica Fully-Funded and Available for Pre-Order (Dread Central)

Michael Dougherty Promises Deleted Scenes on GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS Blu-ray/DVD (Dread Central)

Listen to Bear McCreary’s Theme Song for CHILD’S PLAY + Mark Hamill Sings “The Buddi Song” (Dread Central)

Exclusive First Look at ‘Road Head’ Gets Literal! (Bloody Disgusting)

‘Amityville Horror’ Prequel ‘Amityville 1974’ Announced and Will Begin Production This Year (Bloody Disgusting)

Dennis Quaid Stalker Flick ‘The Intruder’ Coming Home With “Shocking Alternate Ending” (Bloody Disgusting)

Zombies Attack in This Exclusive Clip from ‘Zoo’ [Video] (Bloody Disgusting)

[Spoilers] One Shocking Decision Just Changed “The Walking Dead” Comic Series Forever (Bloody Disgusting)

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