In Search of Tomorrow Documentary Team to Launch Exclusive Advisor Circle Program

Fans of ‘80s Science Fiction Movies Given Unique Opportunity to Celebrate Their Fandom During Year-Long Series of Online Events

After their highly successful fundraising campaigns for their ‘80s-centric Horror and Action documentaries last year, the production team at CreatorVC are gearing up for the launch of their brand new IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW Advisor Circle program, designed with those who have a deep-seated love of 1980s science fiction cinema in mind. With IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW heading into pre-production soon, this exclusive year-long series of online programming and interactive community events will bring the biggest Sci-Fi super fans out there together for the ultimate celebration and exploration of everything that has made science fiction movies from this era of filmmaking so influential and memorable to audiences worldwide.

This one-of-a-kind Advisor Circle experience is an extension of the community-driven philosophies of the CreatorVC team, and was created to give those who eat, sleep and breathe science fiction the opportunity to be a part of this expansive and definitive celebration of the endlessly entertaining speculative films released throughout the 1980s that continue to stoke the fires of viewers’ imaginations decades later.

According to Executive Producer Robin Block, “We’ve learned from previous crowd-funding projects that backers want to feel more involved in the production process and ultimately get closer to a subject that they love. To help fans connect with ’80s Sci-Fi more deeply, we’ve put together a program which will deliver unprecedented access to key talent and recontextualize their childhood memories of these movies in a brand new way.”

“Our core proposition boils down to three elements, involvement, access and community. Human contact is a luxury item nowadays, so we intend to bring a group of like-minded individuals together to help create a documentary which will be treasured. Our Advisor Circle program is the first of its kind in the world and another step closer to the continued democratization of filmmaking. We can’t wait to get this started and connect with our audience. It’s going to be a fantastic and unforgettable experience for ‘super fans’ of ’80s Sci-fi.”

Over the course of 12 months, members of the Advisor Circle will participate in a series of specialized discussions and panels, lend their own personal expertise and fan-fueled insights as the filmmakers behind IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW prepare to begin production on their newest documentary project, and be a part of something that will not only entertain, but help inform future generations of Sci-Fi enthusiasts.

The total cost for each participant of the IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW Advisor Circle is $650 for the entire year, or four monthly payments of $162.50.

IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW Advisor Circle Member Benefits Include:
· Access to exclusive online Q&A events with some of the biggest names in ‘80s science fiction entertainment
· Participate in our private Digital Film Club, which includes moderated discussions of a curated selection of ‘80s Sci-Fi classics, featuring noteworthy panelists and pundits
· Get an all-access pass to the Creator VC production process through regular interactions with the IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW documentary team
· Enjoy live-streamed guest lectures featuring industry experts and notable journalists that specialize in science fiction cinema
· Become a member of a passionate and committed community and connect with fellow Sci-Fi fans from all over the world
· Offer your own suggestions in helping to shape the narrative of the IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW documentary as an Advisor Circle participant
· Aspiring filmmakers and movie fans can also kickstart their documentary careers as a credited advisor on the upcoming IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW documentary through the Advisor Circle program
· Program participants will receive exclusive merchandise, including a completely unique Blu-Ray or DVD edition of IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW (not available anywhere else), disc copies of key Advisor Circle guest lectures, as well as a certificate of completion at the end of the year

The talented crew members who will be leading the charge on the IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW are:

Captain – Robin Block
Robin is the executive producer for IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW and the founder of CreatorVC. Robin’s experience includes running an award-winning production company and setting up a thriving thought-leadership technology business.

First Officer – David Weiner
David Weiner is the director and writer for IN SEARCH OF TOMORROW, having previously headed up our ‘80s horror doc IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS. His experience includes filmmaking, editor for the award-winning Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, and as a journalist working for the likes of The Hollywood Reporter and L.A. Weekly.

Second Officer – Heather Wixson
A 12-year veteran in the world of entertainment journalism, Heather Wixson is currently the Managing Editor for Daily Dead and is a current contributor to Fangoria Magazine. In 2017, Wixson published her first book, MONSTER SQUAD, which celebrated the careers of 20 special effects legends and will be releasing her follow-up book later this year.

Mission Control – Jessica Dwyer
Jessica is our Community Manager and will be working hard to lead and provoke discussion. She is a writer, host and producer with more than 16 years’ experience in the entertainment industry. She grew up on a steady diet of Star Trek, Dark Shadows, Doctor Who & every horror and sci-fi flick on VHS she could find. Her hobbies include video games, reading, and assisting Carl Kolchak in hunting down vampires in the greater Las Vegas area.

About CreatorVC:

CreatorVC is an independent producer of long-form factual entertainment. Our projects are crowd-funded, which means we are completely focused on creating content that our audience loves. We provide our backers with the opportunity to influence and enable exciting projects on the topics they are passionate about. We see them as co-creators and actively encourage feedback and input; it’s as much their project as it is ours. We’re motivated and excited about our projects because we only work on concepts that we love.

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