1959 Cadillac Hearse in Avril Lavigne’s New Day Music Video “I Fell In Love With The Devil”

The Girls and Corpses 1959 Cadillac ‘Miller Meteor’ Hearse featured in
Avril Lavigne’s new dark music video
“I Fell In Love With The Devil”
Watch music video here:

Robert “Corpsy” Rhine’s restored 1959 Cadillac (Miller Meteor) hearse is in singer Avril Lavigne’s dark edgy new music video, “I’m In Love With The Devil”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIw_e2B0AbE The video is approach 3 million views in just two days. Famed singer Avril Lavigne has been through a dark period herself when she contracted Lyme disease in 2014, dropped out of the business and was confined in bed for two years. They were “the worst years of [her life]” and “the battle of a lifetime,” Lavigne announced to her fans in 2018.

“I was so happy that Lavigne chose my ’59 Cadillac hearse for her music video. It a very special vintage vehicle which I lovingly restored for two years to it’s off-the-line condition. At the shoot, I leaned in the window of the hearse and told Lavigne that I don’t let anyone else drive the hearse but I was happy to let her take the keys. She started up and drove the hearse, very well, and while singing. No easy feat. I also gave her a Girls and Corpses tank top and a selection of Girls and Corpses magazines.”

The 1959 Cadillac hearse has also been featured in George Clooney’s Suburbicon (alongside Matt Damon and Julienne Moore) and the soon to be released Exorcism at 60,000 Feet from Girls and Corpses Presents (starring Lance Henriksen, Bill Moseley, Adrienne Barbeau and Bai Ling) — which is the opening premiere film at Hollywood Horrorfest in Friday August 9th. Ticket and info here: https://exorcism.bpt.me/

“I’m In Love With Devil” is Lavigne’s comeback single along with ‘Head Above Water.’ Keep at eye for Lavigne at the next Grammy’s.

Lyrics: ”Shotguns and roses make a deadly potion, heartbreak explosions in reckless motion… Don’t bury me alive, sweet talkin’ alibi… I fell in love with the Devil and now I’m in trouble, I fell in love with the Devil, I’m underneath his spell… Someone send me an angel to lend me a halo. I fell in love with the Devil, please, save me from this hell.”

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